Land of Eleven - 11 steps to avoid mistakes with $2T

$2T in CARES Act funding plus $2T more... what could possibly go wrong? Even experienced teams foul up with federal funds. Here are 11 steps to keep on the right side of the game.

The U.S. federal government is providing nearly 4 trillion dollars to assist with the management of coronavirus. $2 trillion through the CARES Act and more then followed. Much of this money will be provided to organizations as grant funds. I fear that people will focus on the urgent needs, the pressures of the day, and miss the importance of following federal law. In a few years FEMA and the Inspector General will review these grants and the associated paperwork only to discover that the grant fund recipients did not follow federal procurement law; or that they did not keep the necessary documentation; or that they did not use standardized FEMA pricing guidelines when applicable. 
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