Sarah Chayes Interview

I interview Sarah Chayes who informs us of how she became an advocate for public integrity as a result of her work in Afghanistan and other parts of the world. We discuss her most recent book: “On Corruption in America and What is at Stake”, published August 2020. We also touch on her 2015 book called “Thieves of State: why corruption threatens global security”. During the interview, explore the mythology of the Hydra, King Midas, and The Cleansing of the Temple while we talk about current events in the United States. Please visit Sarah’s website at

Little Lie Big Lie, Christina Moore, coronavirus, corruption, Storm Petrel, true crimes of public funding, true story, waste fraud and abuse, covid19, social commentary, pandemic, SCOTUS, McDonnell v United States, Skilling v United States, Puerto Rico, Afghanistan, Iraq, On Corruption in America, Thieves of State, King Midas, Hydra

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